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JoI went into the health and fitness industry straight out of high-school, not because I was a fitness nut, but because I saw physios and trainers working with professional sports teams and I wanted to help treat people’s injuries.  So I enrolled into the Human Kinetics program at UBC in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada, and fell in love with the industry almost immediately.  I quickly realized how fascinated I was by the human body, how it performs, how it breaks down, and how much we, as humans, rely on a healthy, fully functionally body to live our lives. When I began working full time with clients, I was most passionate about finding discrepancies in movement patterns, muscular imbalances, and faulty postural alignment.  I realised that my training protocols were helping them regain function and allowing them to progress towards their goals with an increased quality of life.  They really valued the sessions and were noticing big improvements in their every day lives: gardening was easier with less pain, their weekend ski trips were much more enjoyable with faster runs and longer days, and they were able to go for a run without any knee pain.

Health and Fitness is so much more than trying to be thin.  Unfortunately, it’s not until someone is injured that they realize this.

I was so passionate about the corrective exercise pathway I had taken my personal training career that I went on to complete my Masters in Rehabilitation Sciences and get accredited as an Exercise Physiologist in Australia.  I had found a niche market of clients who wanted more than to just “get toned and be skinny”.  I actually cringe when I hear people say they “want to get toned but don’t want to lift weights”….It’s my worst nightmare to be honest, but I’ll talk about this another time.


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I believe there is a gap in the health and fitness industry linking a healthy body  to one that is injured.  Just because you are injured, doesn’t mean you can’t train and remain active.  And just because you don’t have any current injuries or symptoms, doesn’t mean you aren’t at risk or that you are are invincible.   Everyone knows someone who has been injured by doing the simplest of tasks, such as stepping out of the car or putting on their jacket.  You don’t have to be a daredevil to get injured.  If we train our bodies to prevent future injuries, we will save ourselves a lot of time, money, pain and suffering.  I created Balanced Posture Online for this reason.  It reflects my training philosophy:

“In 5-10 years from now, I want you to be a better version of yourself today”


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