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6-weeks To better posture  

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Get started with our 6-Weeks To Better Posture program
This 6-week Posture Program offers exercises designed to improve your posture almost immediately.  With new material unveiled every 2 weeks, you will be able to implement mobility, strength and stability exercises in a safe, progressive manner. With only a few key pieces of equipment (recommended, but not mandatory), these initial 6 weeks will set you up for life!
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Not sure where to start?  Have some questions you’d like answered?

Book your spot now and send us a request to set up a 30-minute consultation online with Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer, and Creator of Balanced Posture Online Joanna Zervas.

*bookings will expire 3 months from date of purchase


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Corporate Presentations, workshops, and Seminars

  • Learn how to implement posture exercises into your daily work, gym, and home routines
  • Great way to get some activity into your workday
  • Great for team building and workplace productivity
  • Topics Include:  Why Is Posture Important?;  Living an Active Lifestyle; and many more hot topics of the fitness industry.
  • Posture Screens also available on-site


Trainers Toolbox

  • Are you a Personal Trainer looking for some guidance to get your career on the right track?
  • Consultations and Mentorships available.




30-Day Core Challenge

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